3000 Class 2 Plastic Navigation Buoy MK2

The largest ‘standard’ navigation buoy in the Corilla range, this is the big brother of the Class2 Mk1. Constructed from eight, foam-filled float collars, the 3m buoys is designed for extreme depths and provides buoyancy of close to 7000kgs.

Primarily used for deep water channel marking, the 3000mm buoy is also ideally suited for adaptation to meteorological and water data collection applications.

As with the Mk1, the daymark tower & wings removes the need for a topmark and also provides large capacity for batteries, radar reflector and solar panels.

Key Dimensions
Diameter mm 3000
Overall height mm (typical) 4950
Overall weight Kgs 2500
Focal plane (FP) in mm (typical) 6800
Reserve buoyancy weight Kgs 4200
Waterline above datum mm (typical) 550
Chain size mm (typical) 32/38
Sinker weight in water Kgs (typical) 3000
Depth guide 20-100 Mtrs

Typical chain length 2 to 3 times depth in most circumstances.

Steel Core

Designed for long life and manufactured from grade 43A mild steel, complete with two lifting eyes and two mooring eyes attached to the steel skirt. Day mark tower and day mark wings attach to core by easy access fasteners. Finished in hot
dipped galvanised after manufacture, to BSE ISO 1461-1999.

Float Collars

Four part rotationally moulded specially formulated extra high UV stabilised polyethylene. Foam filled with marine grade safety approved foam. These collars can be replaced either individually or as a set if damaged through a collision. Replacement can be carried out without removing the buoy from its mooring. Minor damage can be repaired on site using a hot air gun and polyethylene welding rods.

Day Mark Tower

Three common box cube sections flanged and bolted together. Manufactured from rotationally moulded with specially formulated extra high UV stabilised polyethylene. The top unit houses the Echomax 305 radar reflector giving a peak RCS of up to 74m2 reflection. Up to eight solar panels can be mounted to the specially indented box sides.

Day Mark Wings

Four rotationally moulded and specially formulated extra high UV stabilised polyethylene, are sleeved and bolted to each individual box section and secured at the base within a steel channel.

Battery Box

Resin coated aluminium and steel box secured to the top plate of the steel core and housed within the lower cube. Two x 200 A/h batteries can be located within the box. A lockable hatch allows easy access to batteries.


Any suitable preferred manufacturer compatible lantern can be fitted.


A fixed ladder is supplied.

Optional Extras

Two coats ZINGA on steel core substantially increases service life. LD marks into daymark. Racon and/or wave generator.


To achieve a moored height of 400mm above datum at high tide, the floated mooring weight should be approximately 25% of the reserve buoyancy.

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