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What are the characteristics we look for in our people?

1.     They take a stand not because they think they are always right… but because they are not afraid to be wrong.

Our people don’t mind being proven wrong. They feel finding out what is right is a lot more important than being right. And when they’re wrong, they’re secure enough to back down graciously.

Our people often admit they’re wrong or don’t have all the answers; they are not intellectual bullies who think they are always right.

2.     They listen ten times more than they speak. 

You will find our people are quiet and unassuming. They already know what they think; they are more interested to know what you think.

They will ask open-ended questions that give other people the freedom to be thoughtful and introspective.

Our people know a lot, but they wish they knew more… and they know the only way to learn more is to listen more.

3.     They duck the spotlight so it shines on others.

They stand back and celebrate their accomplishments through others. They stand back and let others shine – a confidence boost that helps those people become truly confident.

4.      They freely ask for help.

Many people feel asking for help is a sign of weakness; implicit in the request is a lack of knowledge, skill, or experience.

Our people are secure enough to admit a weakness. So they often ask others for help, not only because they are secure enough to admit they need help but also because they know that when they seek help they pay the person they ask a huge compliment.

Saying, “Can you help me?” shows tremendous respect for that individual’s expertise and judgment. Otherwise you wouldn’t ask.

5.     They think, “Why not me?”

They can choose to follow whatever course they wish; and very quietly, without calling attention to themselves, they go out and do it.

6.     They don’t put down other people.

Our people do not like to gossip, or speak badly of others, in order to make themselves look better by comparison.

7.     They aren’t afraid to look silly…

They don’t mind occasionally being in a situation where they aren’t at their best.  There is a clear emphasis on having fun.

8.     They own their mistakes.

There is a clear emphasis on sincerity and honesty.  That’s why they admit their mistakes.

There is a clear no tolerance of a blame culture.

9.     They only seek approval from the people who really matter.

Their aim is to earn the trust and respect of the few people in their life that truly matter.

When that trust and respect is earned, no matter where they go or what they try, they do it with true confidence – because they know the people who truly matter the most are truly behind us.