Where are our buoys?

Our navigation and mooring buoys have been deployed across the globe. Click on a buoy to find out more about some of our recent projects.

MSI of Barcelona. Port of Barcelona

Where: Port of Barcelona When: 2009 Why: 1 x EM1750 buoy  

Fog Horn Buoys, The Persian Gulf

Where: The Persian Gulf When: 2007 Why: 5 x EM2400 Fog horn buoys to mark an disused oil rig. Contract won by our local Agent I.T.S. based in Abu Dhabi.

Dingle Bay, Republic of Ireland

Where: Dingle Bay, Republic of Ireland When: 1989 - 1990 Why: 9 x EM1250 buoys and moorings supplied to mark the newly dredged channel into the refurbished harbour, funded by the EU.

World Bank, Angola

Where: Angola When: 2007 - 2009 Why: We supplied 150 x EM1250 buoys to a Hampshire based dredging co. contracted by the World Bank to reopen & mark the various waterways in Angola after the cessation of the civil war.

Port of Dakar, Senegal

Where: Port of Dakar, Senegal When: 2011 Why: We supplied 14 x EM1750 dumb buoys to mark the channel into the port. 

Port of Baku, Azerbaijan, BP

Where: Port of Baku, Azerbaijan When: 2006 Why: We supplied 5 x EM2000 buoys, complete with moorings.

Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Where: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua When: 2002 Why: The Antigua Yacht races brings vastly increased traffic to the Falmouth Harbour. As part of a redevelopment to better handle this influx of vessels we supplied 2 x EM1750's & 14 x EM1250's.

Valletta Harbour Marina, Malta

Date: 1995 Where: Valletta Harbour marina Why: Valletta Harbour marina purchased 5 x 1.25m & 5 x 2.0m.

Bahia Blanca Port, Argentina

Date: December 1999 Where: Bahia Blanca Port Why: The order for 6 x 2.0m in 1998-9 was won after a 9 month trial. A total order for 100 buoys including 10 to be donated by the Port to the Argentinian Navy at Punta Alta.

Royal Navy, England

Date: 2007 Who: The Royal Navy Why: Won a contract from the Royal Navy to supply & maintain all navigation & mooring buoys owned by the navy. Purchased 4 x 3.0m Class2 Mk2 Cardinal buoys, 1 x 2.4m Wreck Marker Buoy & 25 Class 2 Cardinal towers using a specially designed adaptor plate to allow the poly towers to be fitted to the Class2 steel buoys. Since then a further 20 towers have been supplied.

EDF Energy, River Tees, England

Where: River Tees, England Why: EDF Energy ordered 2 x 2.4m & 2 x 3.0m buoys to mark their new wind farm off The River Tees, this farm has 27 turbines total capacity 64 megawatts.

Mostyn Harbour, Wales

Date: 2001 Where: Mostyn Harbour Why: Mostyn Harbour – River Dee, Flintshire in a JV with P&O Ferries to speed up the UK to Dublin ferry route. Van Oorde was the main contractors for the Terminal & dredging contracts. The channel was marked by 17 x 2.0m buoys supplied in 2001 and a further 1 x EM2.4m in 2012. The whole of the Dee estuary is marked by Corilla buoys & is the route the European Airbus A380 wings take on their route to Toulouse where the aircraft are assembled.

Burnham on Crouch, England

Date: September 2011 Where: Burnham on Crouch, England Why: Supplied through our UK Agent, 13 x 1.75m buoys, the other half was supplied by Mobilis of France.

Indian Ocean coast off Yemen & Oman

Date: 2010-2012 Where: Indian Ocean coasts of the Yemen & Oman Why: Macalister & Elliott purchased 8 x 2.4m buoys. These were deployed as FADS, which is a floating tuna fish enhancing area off the Indian Ocean coasts of the Yemen & Oman. These buoys were moored in depths ranging from 200 to 700Mtrs.

ITO, Caspian Sea

Date: 2012 Where: Caspian Sea, Asia Why: ITO a Dutch company who manufacture buoys & lights required a 3M buoy to suit a new Port & Channel in the Caspian Sea. This was funded by the European bank; we supplied 47 x 3.0m Class2 Mk1 buoys.

Mogadishu Port, Somalia

Date: September 2010 & installed 2011 Where: Mogadishu Port Why: Mogadishu Port was refurbished & dredged. All financed by the World Food Organisation. Corilla’s Gulf Agents won the order to supply & install 4 x 1.75m, 4 x 2.4 buoys. The buoys were assembled in Mombasa with the help from Corilla, and were deployed from there.

Nelson’s Dockyard Marina, Antigua

Date: 2010 Where: Nelson’s Dockyard Marina, Antigua Why: As a result of the success of the Falmouth buoy deployment & after the renovation of Nelson’s dockyard, 8 x 1.25m buoys were ordered.

The Danish Maritime Authority, Denmark

Date: 2009 Where: Danish/German sea border Why: The Danish Maritime Authority purchased an EM3000 Class2 Mk2 to mark a channel between 2 islands. This proved to be successful so they ordered a further 2 x 2.4m & 1 x 3.0m Class2 Mk2 buoy to mark a lighthouse between the Danish/German sea border.

Atlantic Continental Shelf

Date: September 2009

Where: Atlantic continental shelf

Why: The Meteorological Office – UK ordered through, Planet Ocean Ltd. 2 x 3.0m Class2 Mk2 buoys to replace ageing ODAS buoys & moored in 1500Mtrs of water to withstand 18Mtr waves over a period of 24 hours.

North Sea Coast, Germany

Date: 2008 Where: North Sea Coast, Germany Why: German Wind Farm 2 x EM2400 & 2 x EM3000 buoys purchased by Pelangi International Ltd. Based in Lowestoft –England for use marking a wind farm off  the coast of Germany.

The Gambian Port Authority, The Gambia

Date: 2007 Where: River Gambia Why: The Gambian Port Authority purchased 5 x 1.75m & 1 x 2.4m to be placed in the River Gambia up to Banjul. The buoys were shipped out & Corilla went out to direct the building & deployment of the buoys.

Trinity House Lighthouse Service, England

Date: 2006 Who: Trinity House Lighthouse Service Why: Requested we take part in a trial with 6 other buoy manufacturers. This trial resulted in the design & supply of 24 3.0m Class2 mk1 & 1 Class2 Mk2 buoys being supplied over a period from 2006/7. The order was won due to the buoys accessibility, stability & ease of maintenance.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date: 2005 Where: Port-au-Prince, Haiti Why: The harbour of Port au prince in Haiti ordered 8 x 1.25m buoys to mark the new dredged channel.

Falmouth Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda

Date: April 2002 Where: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua Why: Requested prices for 14 x 1.25m & 5 x 1.5 buoys to upgrade the harbour facilities for visiting cruise liners; it is also the site of the famous Antigua Yacht regatta (held annually).

Bantry Bay, Ireland

Where: Bantry Bay Terminals Why: Purchased 8 x 2.0m buoys to mark the bunkering pier. These buoys were subject to 8mtr. High waves & to suppress harsh movements the riser chains were 80Mtrs, long creating a shock absorbing effect. The Marine engineer travelled to Scotland to see these buoys being assembled. It was this site that an engineer from PD Ports travelled to report on the buoys. PD Ports UK Conservancy manager sent his No.2  John Falconer to investigate the buoys at Bantry Bay Terminals as a result since 2001 they have purchase 74 buoys ranging from the 1.25m, 1.75m, 2.0m, 2.4m, 3.0m & the world’s largest polyethylene buoy of 4Mtrs diameter & 12Mtrs. Overall height launched in 2009. This port has been very supportive of Corilla products by arranging Customer visits when requested.

Brown Root McDermott, Scotland

Where: Ardersier, Scotland Why: Brown Root McDermott requested & purchased 6 x 1.25m buoys to mark the rig launch channel at Ardersier, These buoys were some of the first to have only wind power charging the lantern battery.

MacAlister Elliot & Co Ltd
Tunafish buoys

Location: Indian Ocean

Macalister & Elliott purchased 8 x 2.4m buoys over 2010/12. These were deployed as FADS, which is a floating tuna fish enhancing area off the Indian Ocean coasts of the Yemen & Oman. These buoys were moored in depths ranging from 200 to 700Mtrs.

Type of Buoy deployed: Name here

Cost of Project: £36,075