About us

Corilla Marine is part of the Corilla Group which was formed in 2009 following the acquisition of a number of specialist rotational moulding design and manufacturing businesses. One of the businesses acquired by the group was Eason Marine Limited including the Navigation Buoy product range designed by Peter Eason.

Peter (who still works with Corilla Marine as technical advisor on sales & design), began designing and manufacturing the plastic navigation buoys in 1986 and was the first manufacturer of plastic navigation buoys in the world. 

Our objective is to ensure that waterways are marked clearly for safety purposes. We take this responsibility very seriously, and see our products as essential assets to Health & Safety in waterways and seas.

Corilla Marine also designs and manufacture buoys as platforms for data collection equipment. Our buoys are in use worldwide, helping government agencies and weather centres to collect meaningful data used for environmental improvements, and very often to save lives.