7 Reasons Why Plastic Navigation Buoys Triumph

Corilla Marine has a deep-rooted history in the design and manufacture of plastic aids to navigation and buoys. We began designing plastic navigation buoys back in 1986 and were a driving force behind the manufacture of the world’s first plastic navigation buoy. Since then, Corilla Marine has pioneered the development of plastic navigation buoy design, leading to the robust structures we offer today as an extremely popular alternative to steel marine navaids.

The effective design of buoys is critical to ensure they are robust and fulfil the purpose of ensuring waterways are clearly and safely marked. Polyethylene boasts a range of properties that makes it the perfect material for the manufacture of buoys.

Why choose plastic?

  • Excellent impact strength – moulded in one single piece, rotational moulding of plastic polyethylene buoys delivers excellent strength and makes them easy to repair.
  • Large visual area – navigation buoys can be designed to achieve excellent visual impact through size and colour, for easy identification from long distances.
  • Collision resistant – our float collars are filled with foam, helping the plastic buoy stay afloat even when damaged through collisions with vessels.
  • UV stabilised – Corilla Marine’s navigation buoys are manufactured with UV stabilised polyethylene, resisting UV degradation which can result in cracks and discolouration.
  • Light weight – in comparison to steel navaids, the light weight of plastic navigation buoys makes them easier to deploy and maintain offshore.
  • Minimal maintenance – naturally, plastic buoys are more resistant to the elements than steel counterparts and do not require painting.
  • An economical choice – polyethylene navigation buoys are lower in cost, require less investment for maintenance and have a longer lifetime than steel buoys.

Corilla Marine is skilled in designing and manufacturing plastic buoys to meet specific specifications. To learn more about why plastic rotomoulded navigation buoys can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional steel buoys, contact us at info@corillamarine.com.

Plastic Navigation Buoy Deployment

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