IALA Masterplan

As members of IALA, the Corilla Marine team was encouraged to see the publication of the IALA World-Wide Academy Masterplan for 2017-2010. The focus on education and training positions the IALA as truly committed to maritime safety and must therefore be applauded.

Building capacity in terms of physical Aids to Navigation is also a feature of the master plan and as a business whose livelihood depends on ports, harbours and other waterways buying our products, this naturally resonates with us.

But as innovators in marine buoy technology and design, we can’t simply sit back and wait for new orders to come rolling in. We, and other manufacturers, have a duty to continue to develop products that make it as straightforward as possible for harbour masters and port authorities to act responsibly in order to achieve the IALA objectives.

The Masterplan is nothing if not ambitious, and will take a good deal of effort to bring to fruition. But if the right combination of policy makers, manufacturers, educators and end users can come together, then this surely is achievable.

We look forward to being a part of this success story.

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