Corilla buoys help in Kuwait’s fight against pollution

Corilla Marine have completed a project for a Kuwait customer, destined to form part of the country’s Environment Public Authority (EPA) plan to build floating stations to stave off any forms of pollution and detect potential pollution threats in territorial waters.

The South Wales-based company supplied ten of their 3m diameter EM3000 buoys to be used for water sampling and other data collection. This is Corilla’s largest pillar buoy which is specifically designed for open, unsheltered water. It can withstand the harshest of environments and operates comfortably in depths of 20-50 metres.

Constructed from four individual float collars fixed to a central galvanised steel core, the 3m diameter buoy has been especially developed to remain at sea for considerable lengths of time. Maintenance, cleaning and repairs can largely be carried out while the buoy is on the water.

Kuwait’s EPA has already erected four floating stations to collect chemical and air pollutant data. The overall plan involves a total of 15 such stations which transmit constant online status reports and provide alert signals in the event of an increase in pollution levels. They have been equipped with the latest technology to ensure maximum maritime environmental protection.

Tom Fleming, Chairman of the Corilla Group, said: “The buoys have now been despatched, ready for deployment at a number of locations around the coast of Kuwait. We are delighted that our customer in the country – MicroStep-MIS – specified our EM3000 buoys for this vital role which is the brainchild of Kuwait’s Environment Public Authority as a significant measure against pollution threats in the country’s territorial waters.”

Manufactured in South Wales, Corilla’s products are used as far afield as South Africa, Somalia, Argentina, the USA, the Middle East, the Republic of China, in the Caspian Sea, along the River Gambia, in the Caribbean, throughout Europe, and the UK.


Here’s a video of the buoy being trial assembled prior to shipping.


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