Plastic Navigation Buoys vs Steel

Take a look at our infographic to find out why plastic is so fantastic and how changing to plastic navigation buoys can save you time and money.

Why plastic buoys are better than steelAround the world, metal buoys are being replaced by cheaper and more durable plastic navigation buoys.  

Steel buoys are very heavy and labour intensive and you need to bring them in every five years or so for repainting and refurbishing. Plastic buoys can be cleaned and maintained at sea, and because they’re UV stable, they never need repainting.

Plastic buoys have many advantages over steel, they don’t rust, are easy to transport and last much longer than their steel counterparts.

And because new plastic technology is much lighter, you can use lighter, cheaper moorings and less chain wear.

Not only that, but our plastic buoys will remain afloat even when hit by a vessel because each buoy is filled with marine grade foam.

The benefits of plastic buoys make them the obvious choice for the future. Plastic really is fantastic.

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