Manufacturing AtoN Confidence with IALA

At Corilla we are committed to championing high standards in all of the buoys we manufacture. This is why professional memberships are crucial to us to ensure we are compliant with industry standards and provide the best service to our customers.

Corilla Marine has been a member of IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities) since the company was established. Those who are involved with navigation safety have probably already heard of IALA, but what purpose does it serve?

IALA is a global, non-governmental technical association that takes responsibility for safety and navigation of vessels through improvement and harmonisation of aids to navigation. IALA is recognised as the unrivalled international authoritative source for AtoN information – navigation authorities and professionals, including manufacturers and consultants hold memberships. Members across the world work together to cooperate on issues associated with marine navigation.

As a manufacturer, being members of IALA we benefit from:

  • The latest industry leading expertise
  • Access to the best design and standards information

What does this mean for you?

Our professional membership with IALA has a number of benefits for our customers:

  • Confidence in Corilla Marine as a reputable manufacturer of roto-moulded plastic navigation buoys.
  • Reassurance that the buoys we produce are compliant with the highest industry standards.
  • A partnership with a trusted AtoN designer and manufacturer that is immersed in navigation safety and best practice expertise.

At Corilla Marine we offer a wide range of standard buoys but are also skilled in designing and manufacturing bespoke buoys to meet varying specifications. To find out more about our IALA membership and quality standards, or for a free consultation, call us on +44 1656 870 415, or email

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