Providing Quality Plastic Products for the Aquaculture Sector

Corilla Marine is well known in the marine sector as a reputable manufacturer of navigation and data buoys – but did you know one of the first buoys we designed over 30 years ago was for the fish farming industry and aquaculture sector? Our specialist design and manufacturing capabilities put us in an ideal position to help customers create a range of bespoke products that help optimise quality, cost and efficiencies in aquaculture.

Our rotomoulded plastic products provide robust solutions for a range of applications. Here are just some examples of the types of products we can produce for our customers in the aquaculture sector:

  • Floats – we can design and manufacture plastic floats of virtually any size and shape, ideal for mussel lines and floating bags for oyster culture.
  • Tanks – from purification, to hatchery and transportation tanks, Corilla Marine’s plastic tanks are created in one single piece of plastic which boasts excellent structural stability and impact strength.
  • Trays – in any depth and diameter, we can produce a diverse range of trays to meet your requirements. For example, we can create unique designs to help you speed up shrimp grading processes or provide conveniently sized trays for carrying and stacking aquaculture stock.
  • Buoys – not forgetting what we’re best known for – we offer a range of standard buoys and are skilled in creating bespoke solutions for clearly marking perimeters or aiding safe navigation.

Corilla Marine offers a specialist consultancy service where we will help you perfect specifications and designs, to deliver robust manufactured plastic products that meet your exact needs. Reach out to our team today for a no obligation conversation to see how we may be able to support you. Call us on +44 1656 870 415, or email

Aquaculture Plastic Products

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