Taking the Hassle out of Buoy Transportation & Deployment

The transportation and deployment of steel framed buoys can sometimes be costly, especially for large structures. The sheer size and weight of steel buoys can make them challenging to transport in typical haulage vehicles and they can become easily damaged if mis-handled.

At Corilla Marine we manufacture all of our buoys from high-quality plastic polymers through rotational moulding – all buoys are created in modular structures which boast several benefits for transportation and deployment:

  • Easier to transport – the modular plastic sections of our buoys are easy to handle and ship to deployment locations as individual sections or as part of a single load. They are light weight and can be fitted on to standard haulage vehicles.
  • Flexibility to create different structures – as the plastic sections are shipped then fastened on top of one another, Corilla Marine buoys offer the scope to easily create a range of varying transportable designs dependent on requirements.
  • Structural integrity – made from quality plastic, our buoys have excellent structural integrity, meaning they are less susceptible to damage when being shipped. Being made from modular pieces also makes the buoys more robust and resilient when fastened together.
  • Quicker deployment – the light weight of the plastic buoys makes them a lot easier to deploy with smaller vessels, removing the additional expense of large vessels and heavy weight cranes.

In addition to transportation and deployment benefits of modular buoys, using plastic has a range of benefits that last long after the buoys have been deployed, which you can find out more about here. Get in touch to have a conversation with us about why rotomoulded plastic buoys are a cost effective solution at info@corillamarine.com or call us on +44 1656 870415.

Buoy Deployment

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